Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spotted for Sale: A 599 you do NOT want to buy!

Written by Tim@Shmee150

Firstly let me link you to the eBay advert.

Looks amazing right? Just the car you want on your drive!

However... the power of the internet enables us to delve a little deeper and we can see the previous advert where it 'sold' for £91,000 on December 6th. You'd be thinking it was all clear, just a standard repossession from some poor owner who was unable to make his repayments...

Wrong again!

Via the help of Pistonheads.com we can find this thread where discussion was held back in November about this car, prior to it's wrap job that would hide evidence of the water damage that it suffered when it ended up in a lake! Goodness knows what faults this car may throw up in the future and when it's trading at such a high value it would be crazy not to go a 599 GTB such as this one at Tom Hartley, up for sale for just under the £100k mark at £99,950.

by Tim

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