Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bugatti Veyron: A Masterpiece

Written by Harri@Shmee150

This evening I'm going to write about a German hypercar that is built in France, it's a supercar that doesn't have either of the two most popular engine configurations of V8 or V12 but a W16, it's one of the first cars to feature such an engine combined with quad turbochargers! Released in 2006 it was also one of the first production cars to reach 62mph in under 3 seconds from the whopping 1001hp that the engine produces. Unbelievably it costs parent company, VW, £5 million to make a single unit and they are only sold for a small 20% of that. Bugatti aimed to build a run of 300 cars but this has been boosted with extra sales of the Coupes but not of the struggling Grand Sport variant. The top speed of the original Veyron was a mere 253mph and the newest Super Sport can reach 267mph!

The Bugatti Veyron is a huge success but has faced a lot of criticism by some people but at the end of the day, just look at it - it's a masterpiece!

This car is not just for collectors, many Veyron owners actually drive them and even Captain Slow (James May) hit some pretty serious speeds in the driver's seat. Of course however it does fit incredibly well into collections with the many variants Bugatti have launched into this one off, the L'Or Blanc:

The Bugatti is clearly an incredibly good car, but is it good enough to hold resale value? Even with the new cost being a fraction of the development total it seems to failing to achieve this target.

The resale market is very low, especially when compared to other 'hypercars' like the Ferrari Enzo, McLaren F1 etc. It will be very interesting to see what happens further into the future when the production finishes of one of the most all around technically amazing cars to ever have been built. One question I'm still trying to work out is whether it is German or French? I think it's best to call it European.

There have been an awful lot of special editions and one-offs of the Bugatti Veyron, incredibly personalised for various different owners. It is one of the most complete hypercars and will be considered incredibly fast for many, many years to come. Especially given the luxury that comes with it.

The cheapest 'used' Veyrons are selling at around the £600k mark, well under the new price but still it must be considered quite how much money that is and what other cars it could buy. In my recent articles, mostly I have been rather critical of the Veyron but at the end of the day it is spectacular and has made quite an incredible achievement.

by Harri@Shmee150

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