Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tim's Weekly Video Review (January 23rd-29th)

Written by Tim@Shmee150

Monday 23rd January we kicked off at Peter Saywell's Charity Day at the Goodwood Motor Circuit with some clips of the amazing Ferrari 458 Italia blasting around the track:

Tuesday 24th January and an incredibly rare car, the only RHD Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR at Top Gear Live in London:

Wednesday 25th January we popped across the pond to the USA and a small town called Greenwich in Connecticut where I stumbled into this Porsche 997 GT3, armed with golf clubs in freezing temperatures!

Thursday 26th January we're back in the UK and back to Goodwood but this time at the Festival of Speed where a Maserati MC Stradale took to the hillclimb course:

Friday 27th January and I paid a visit to the guys at HR Owen Ferrari in London to film an SA Aperta on show in their showroom. Particularly of interest to me for the very 'Shmeemobile'-esque colour:

Saturday 28th January and it's again my favourite event of them all; Wilton House Supercars. Some highlights from the convoy out to the event - absolutely incredible!

Sunday 29th January we're back at Saywell day but this time taking a look at his own Ferrari 599 GTO:

Thanks for staying tuned!

by Tim

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