Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Art of Detail

Written by Harri@Shmee150

Today on Shmee150 I'm going to talk just about the beauty of cars, not caring at all about their performance figures. I'm here to find the most beautiful supercar ever made and first up is going to be the offerings from the hypercar company, Pagani. Their first cars was the instantly recognisable Zonda; everybody can tell it apart due to it's style and detail and everybody who has driven one has fallen in love with it. Take this particularly stunning car that belongs to a famous collection, driving here with the Koenigsegg Agera and the very beautiful Ferrari 599 GTO.

The Zonda is an incredibly rare car. Horacio Pagani, the man behind them then went on to make various exclusive and special versions including the Cinque with this amazing design, 2 of which Shmee150 has been lucky enough to film including this one:

In 2011, Pagani ended the lifetime of the Zonda by bringing a new kid to the block, a car that would better the Zonda and all of it's competitors, making a Veyron look boring, the Huayra:

Shmee150 was lucky enough to capture it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with Horacio at the wheel of the prototype:

But maybe the Paganis are not the best looking hypercars, Koenigsegg is another brand that has produced some beautiful designs including the lovely CCX:

More recently Koenigsegg have launched their newer models, the Agera and Agera R, launched with the aim of returning the favour to the Bugatti Veryon by stealing back the glory of the fastest car records. And like Pagani, K'egg also produce special editions of their cars and one in particular is the Speed Racer version of the Agera R: 

This car is a real beauty and makes it exceptionally difficult to chose which we will chose as the most beautiful hypercar. It's a confusion as Pagani is about passion and detail and Koenigsegg is about beauty and speed. What sort of article would this be if we didn't show a Veyron:

However, when you think of beauty there is one British carmaker which is the master of this, it's Aston Martin. The company from Gaydon have recently given the debut to their take of the hypercar market by launch an incredible car, the One-77. Aston Martin were also recently awarded the title of the 'world's coolest brand' for the 5th time out of 6 years. I'm speechless about this car:

The Aston has the absolute look of a beautiful hypercar. However lets not forget about the company known well as a world leader of sueprcars, Ferrari. They have recently launched an incredibly exclusive car in the form of a convertible 599 GTO, it's the SA Aperta:

My last contestant is also from Italy, it's the cheapest from all in this article but it's right up there in the beauty terms, I'm talking about the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

The looks of this car are out of this world but really I can't choose the winner so it will have to put to a poll for all fans of Shmee150 on the Facebook page. Click here to head over and vote for your favourite!

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