Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Best Looking Porsche Supercar?

Written by Harri@Shmee150

Today on shmee150 I'm starting way back in 1931 at the birth of a new car company, Porsche.

Ferdinand Porsche himself had been a contributor into the making of some early German tanks, the Tiger I and Tiger II

This tank technically counts as an early Porsche model albeit nothing like the direction the company is heading with the much newer cars and future designs such as this 918 Spyder:

Although the 918 is yet to be built for customers and as such we cannot include it in the feature. A problem with many Porsche's in this context is that not many of them actually count as true supercars, although one that very definitely meets the criteria is the fantastic Carrera GT. During Christmas, Shmee's Top Supercars featured an episode on this beautiful car:

The Carrera GT was competition for the Ferrari Enzo and most particularly the mutual German-British built Mercedes SLR McLaren. The SLR comes only as an automatic but Porsche have always been keen on manual gearboxes - of course all that was offerred in the CGT - but their newest mid-engined beast is the 4.0l GT3 RS, the final car in the 911 (997) series.

This also reminds me of the other supercar variant of the 911, the GT2 RS, luckily Tim got a video in my favourite colour combination:

The GT2 RS and Carrera GT look like the are getting closer to becoming the best looking Porsches ever but in my mind the title will go to the older Porsche 959. When released it was the world's fastest road car, and it held that title until the release of the Ferrari F40 - a competition it still very much held it's own in. Here is Richard Hammond's test of what I am calling 'The best looking Porsche Supercar':

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