Friday, January 27, 2012

"Cars 2" movie from Pixar/Disney had a lot of small details of conversion to automotive looking architecture

 they call it Big Bentley in the movie

 They were right smart to label it Holden
 Leave Spring under the above bridge, and replacing the cables in the London Bridge below

 through out the movie you'll see statues of cars instead of people

 I totally dig the wire wheel in the Eiffel tower, could be based on Kelsey Hayes, but who knows

 the side of the Notre Dame looks like an exhaust header

 A valve cover topping the Arc De Triumphe
 a piston for an elevator
 A Boyce Motormeter in the above building
 the light shade looks like an type of engine

I didn't see all of these the first time or the second time I watched the movie... but I saw a lot of them, and found the rest when looking for them specifically for this post

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