Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Veyron in California, A Spiced up Carrera GT and an Italian Stallion

Written by Andrew@Shmee150

Here are a selection of awesome videos, either recent or generally something you should lay eyes on! First we have a Bugatti Veyron having fun in sunny California, enjoy!

What you see above is a video of a Bugatti Veyron OWNING the streets of California, The video by Youtube Channel speedracer38 shows the Veyron driving around, with the GoPro camera mounted in the engine bay. This camera position is unique and shows not only the speed of the Veyron but also the beautiful mechanics of the spoiler and the awe inspiring rumble that the W16 engine produces. All in all a great video, its a rather long one, but worth the watch

This video shows a Porsche Carerra GT that has been tuned by legendary tuning firm Gemballa, they have upped the power, tweaked the styling and turned the volume control to maximum! Not to everyone's taste, the car is a love or hate object, but you can’t deny how much you love the sound either way!

Now, on the subject of great sounds, we come to Ferrari. The newest Ferrari in the stable, this entry level supercar is hardcore when needed and a great cruiser when needed, it makes an amazing sound, goes like a bat out of hell, and puts a smile on the face on all who see it (and / or hear it), I present to you the Ferrari 458 as filmed by Shmee At Peter Saywell's charity event at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, enjoy the sights and sounds of the Italian stallion.

Thanks for reading, anticipate more amazing automotive lusciousness next time!

by Andrew

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