Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some deluded stupid SOB thinks this Indian is going to have someone walk up and hand him $20,000 dollars for it in it's neglected and useless condition is the same photo, with a voice over...

don't be this idiot, if you have some old rusty vehicle, and someone offers you money for it, because they want to get it going and running again, take it. Refuse the scrap metal people, I'm not with the people that just want to make money by destroying, the same goes for the "finders fee" people that are buying to resell at profit... but if someone enthusiastically says they want it, are going to make it work again... and offer money, just take it and let that piece of junk move onto another life of usefullness. Just the amount of money spent on paint and body in your area to pay your neighbor who paints, rebuilds, sells fuel line, tires, etc etc... is a good reason to see a rusty old junker move along at some young foolish kids dream of making it work.

I was a foolish young guy, and blew 24 thou into my 1969 Superbee over 5 years of replacing and improving parts. Drove it cross country 2wice, drag raced it , and went on dates in it... all due to that last guy realizing he needed it to get out of his yard and it needed a new life. It had a dead battery, no matching tires or rims, a Tide clothes detergent bottle for a radiator overflow container, clothes line held the radiator in place, no second gear, no emergency brake, etc etc. But I made it vibrant and alive again. I sold it after 6 years of owning it, 10 years ago... to a guy who gave it a bigger engine, painted it black, and sold it 2 years ago to someone in Clearwater Florida.

If you see a black 69 Superbee near Clearwater, take a photo, get the owners email, and let me know! I've wondered how it turned out, and what it's like now

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