Tuesday, June 26, 2012

these need to get posted... I have been waiting for the right time.

 I came across this in my neighborhood

 Dodge made a 600ES? Huh,  looks like a late 80's Aries K car
 RARE 1981 corvette, a Duntov Turbo edition. Corvettes were just not going to get turbos according to the GM managers

 Off.. a jag that got a nose job, and looks worse, from http://parkoffka.ru/ who has a lot of great content, but NEVER add a credit to their posts to tell you where they got the stuff they post. I don't like that
 I think the above Ford truck was from one of my favorite Brazilian websites, it's a South American Ford crew cab and maybe not even a pick up bed.

The pancake shaped flying wing V173

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