Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The highest paid motorsports athletes

Forbes just came out with its list of the world's 100 most highly paid athletes.  I skimmed through it and picked out the motorsports guys.

19. Fernando Alonso.  $32m ($29m salary, $3m endorsements)

20. Valentino Rossi.  $30m ($17m, $13m)

20. Michael Schumacher.  $30m ($20m, $10m)

23. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  $28.2m ($13.2m, $15m)

24. Lewis Hamilton.  $28m ($25m, $3m)

42. Jeff Gordon.  $23.6m ($13.6m, $10m)

47. Tony Stewart.  $22.3m ($15.3m, $7m)

53. Jimmie Johnson.  $21.5m ($14.5m, $7m)

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