Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jerry Wood's 1953 Glasspar G2, with a 331 hemi, and he's not just great at restoring cars, he's a great dad and fabricator. At the Dana Point Concours

 I usually post before and after photos differently, but this one is in context and the above photo shows clearly what he's accomplished from the below

 Amazing car, 331 hemi, great interior and dash

But before I checked out the car, I noticed the purse the woman was holding. See the first photo at the beginning of this gallery, and you'll notice it too.

 That is one cool purse!
 Jerry made it for his daughter, and why describe it? You can tell what it's made from
 except that you wouldn't know that he used part of his jacket for the inside, and a bit of leather from his tool belt for the snap strap
 the handle is removeable, and a longer one can be added, changing it from a clutch purse (get it, clutch?) to a shoulder purse
 How awesome, and he even was keeping it shined up for her during the show.
If you're reading this Aja, thanks for the pleasant chat, and sharing with me the cool dad made purse. I bet a lot of guys are going to try making one now.

for an article about the car, and the source of the before image http://www.forgottenfiberglass.com/?p=7703

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