Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Want to buy a car club plaque? O'Brien Truckers .com has 12 thousand, and can make new ones

Dennis who left a comment about another car club plaque "Veeblefetzers" said that he bought 8,000 plaque patterns from the original pattern maker for Chicago Metal Craft.  So we can make you as many new, new old stock ones as you'd like. Here's a link to any of the 12,000 plaques we have for reproduction (the other 4,000 are the original patterns from Speed Gems).

I just got a email back from Dennis, check out this cool story:
Just last night I got a call from a guy looking to see if I could make a plaque from a photo I had. When I asked for the name of the club you could hear the questioning in his voice like "Why does it matter what the name of the club was?" When I looked it up in my database and described it to him he gasped! And it gets better. He was an original member and knew the guy who had drawn the artwork back in the day. Well I was as excited as him because it turns out this particular plaque, Exterminators So. Cal., was the one that Chicago Metal Craft used in their ads in Hot Rod back in the 50's!!!!

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