Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Something totally new in car information boards for car shows. Cool?!?! You bet......... expensive? Guaranteed

It's very similar to a 1950's home movie projector screen in the way it rolls up out of the case.

It claims it's almost impossible to blow over... which makes sense, a heavy base with a big foot print wouldn't blow over easy.

18X36" Wide,  which is $275 plus $35 shipping. That is a hell of a lot for a display board, I figure about half of that would be allright, so I looked at what this company charges for the ordinary display boards... $185 for a 13" x 18". I don't know what other companies charge, but that is too expensive for me

 http://carshowdepot.com/ to check out the variety and prices and buy one if you can afford it.

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