Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blue Link from Hyundai has a annoying irritating message that shows up on my radio everytime I turn on my Veloster... anyone know how to get rid of it? Hyundai Customer Service doesn't

I hate this stupid damn message.. and I don't want the damn Blue Link. I'm not going to buy, subscribe, or want it. When you press OK the message will go away. I think it's not right to impose on your car buyer to push damn buttons to make the radio information appear instead of the damn Blue Link message

If you do like the message says and press the blue link button, hey, guess what? The car uses your cell phone to call Blue Link, and you hear a recording that you need to go to a computer and register. Eff you Blue Link. My car manufacturer insists that I use a computer to satisfy them? Fuck that. I paid them for a car, and that completes our transactions. They want my time to go to a computer to get rid of a message they put in my car radio display? Thay can pay me for the time, or enjoy the bad publicity until their customer "Service" tells me what they can do to make this damn message go away

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