Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hot Rod, Car Craft, and the El Segundo "Automobile Driving Museum" are teaming up for car shows this summer, next one is tomorrow Friday April 27th

Makes me wonder how happy Freiburger is that he doesn't have to store any of these at his place
 Recently featured in the last 2 issues of Hot Rod magazine, this Ranchero was a tribute recreation of the late 1960's Hot Rod Magazine Ranchero that went off roading in the Carrera Panamerica (I think) and they intending this new one to go have fun in Alaska with. Yeah, intended, because that didn't happen. Instead they went to the Grand Canyon.

 Freiburger's 1970 Super Bee, and I think that hemi was one of Ray Bartons dragster engines... way over the top for a street car, and they had to rebuild it and lower the crazy aspect of some parts becaue they couldn't make it streetable.

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