Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recap: Ferrari SA Aperta - Insane Startup and Drive-off

At the launch party for the new 458 Spider, this Ferrari SA Aperta was present parked outside. The SA Aperta is the convertible (Aperta means Open) version of the Ferrari 599 GTO, the 660hp monster, and it is limited to just 80 cars - this being car number 6.

In the video you can see a couple of quick shots before the owner arrived, you hear an FF behind me startup before the SA Aperta does, making a monumentous noise! The driver certainly also had his foot down on the 'loud pedal' to make quite that much sound - I wasn't expecting it, nor was my microphone. You can then see the Aperta leave with an Audi R8 GT in convoy.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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